• Weaver Vinyl Playset


Weaver Playsets’ goal is to make playsets that are safe and durable so that your family can make memories for years to come. They use both poly and vinyl-encased, treated lumber so that the structures can withstand any weather condition and still stand strong. Both materials are splinter-free and rot proof, so you never have to worry about a little one getting a splinter and the structure staying intact.

Poly lumber is composed of post-consumer recycled plastics, so it’s not only environmentally friendly, but its also long-lasting and maintenance-free. Which means no need to paint or stain and the vinyl is also a bee deterrent. Built to order you can customize a set to fit your needs. All structures are handmade and installed by Amish Craftsmen and come with 20 or 5 year limited warranties.

Choose from a variety of base models or customize each set to make it your own! Customizations range from choosing simply choosing color options or changing a wave slide for a super spiral slide. You can easily add or remove items from the base sets or move them around to give a different look. Not seeing something that works for you? Our design consultants can help design a customer set for you and your loved ones to enjoy

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